Dodge Danpei M

Dodge Danpei M (鬥球兒彈平M) is a turn-based RPG adapted from South Korea’s Snowpipe based on “Ballball Flat”.

The game contains the plot of the original animation. Players can use nirvana in the original to challenge strategic dodgeball play.

Additionally, this game was updated from the previous title, “Battleballs Flat: Legend of Fire Shooting”, and has greatly improved factors such as character growth, combat system, and attribute balance.

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Game Features

[Easy, simple and quick to get started]

Turn-based RPG gameplay, offensive and defensive turns, each game only takes three minutes, the bloody dodge ball can be played anytime, anywhere.

The simple and clear operation interface, regardless of the novice or veteran, can immediately get started.

[Various battle modes, no cold field, no boring]

The game is designed with a super rich combat system, PVE, PVP, guild wars, raid wars, climbing ladders and other in-depth experience of dodge ball sports fun competitive gameplay, enjoy exciting and refreshing offensive and defensive battles

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⭐ Category: Card
⭐ Total Size: 1.49GB
⭐ Mobile Game: Android/iOS – Online

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